Friday, September 24, 2010

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As  makeup artist and skin care specialist,  I to get try pretty much everything and anything out in the market, from the most expensive to the cheapest, I like them all, I think some expensive brands are rad, some cheap brands are also pretty good. From now on I'm only gonna post my review and my opinions on different makeup and skin care lines. feel free to ask me any questions or comment, I am also very open to trying different shit everyday so if you have something you love and think I should try, holla!

<3 natalia


Gentle and Max correcting pads by Peter Thomas Roth

These pads rule the world!, They are double sided soft/textured little pads. They minimize pores, prevent acne and also have anti aging benefits, the gentle ones are for sensitive skin and the max are pretty hardcore so they are for tougher skin, they have salicylic, glycolic acid, as well as calming agents like chamomile aloe vera, and firming and revitalizing ones like green tea. with in a week of using them I notice a huge difference in my skin the acne died down,  and my skin was glowing and healthy looking, with out feeling dry. I have super sensitive skin, and acne prone and I cant live with out these little pad, they are awesome. I use them right after I wash my face in place of a toner. They also have a lovely Peach Bellini smell which reminds me of happy hour, so yeah, pretty bad ass :). The Price of this is $35

On the other hand is The Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads

These aren't so much like the Peter Thomas Roth pads, this is more like a cleanser, but its in a pad and it has a smooth or a textured side to them.  They are great! they clean your skin really well, help you with the over all texture of your skin, and they smell lovely. They are pre-moist in the jar, they lather super easy.  I used these pad for a while they where really good for my skin, so good, that my good friend started using them as well, and her skin also benefited a lot from them. I love them but I left it and moved on to another product, cus thats how I roll. I love trying EVERYTHING! the price on this $6.49

*Remember drink plenty of  WATER and eat healthy, that is key for over all awesome looking skin.

<3 Natalia

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