Friday, September 24, 2010

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As  makeup artist and skin care specialist,  I to get try pretty much everything and anything out in the market, from the most expensive to the cheapest, I like them all, I think some expensive brands are rad, some cheap brands are also pretty good. From now on I'm only gonna post my review and my opinions on different makeup and skin care lines. feel free to ask me any questions or comment, I am also very open to trying different shit everyday so if you have something you love and think I should try, holla!

<3 natalia


Gentle and Max correcting pads by Peter Thomas Roth

These pads rule the world!, They are double sided soft/textured little pads. They minimize pores, prevent acne and also have anti aging benefits, the gentle ones are for sensitive skin and the max are pretty hardcore so they are for tougher skin, they have salicylic, glycolic acid, as well as calming agents like chamomile aloe vera, and firming and revitalizing ones like green tea. with in a week of using them I notice a huge difference in my skin the acne died down,  and my skin was glowing and healthy looking, with out feeling dry. I have super sensitive skin, and acne prone and I cant live with out these little pad, they are awesome. I use them right after I wash my face in place of a toner. They also have a lovely Peach Bellini smell which reminds me of happy hour, so yeah, pretty bad ass :). The Price of this is $35

On the other hand is The Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads

These aren't so much like the Peter Thomas Roth pads, this is more like a cleanser, but its in a pad and it has a smooth or a textured side to them.  They are great! they clean your skin really well, help you with the over all texture of your skin, and they smell lovely. They are pre-moist in the jar, they lather super easy.  I used these pad for a while they where really good for my skin, so good, that my good friend started using them as well, and her skin also benefited a lot from them. I love them but I left it and moved on to another product, cus thats how I roll. I love trying EVERYTHING! the price on this $6.49

*Remember drink plenty of  WATER and eat healthy, that is key for over all awesome looking skin.

<3 Natalia

Content on this Blog is for reference purposes only. It is not intended to substitute for advice given by a licensed healthcare professional. 

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Friday, September 10, 2010

John Keats to Fanny Brawne its the most beautiful thing ive read this month

My love has made me selfish. I cannot exist without you — I am forgetful of every thing but seeing you again — my Life seems to stop there — I see no further. You have absorb'd me. I have a sensation at the present moment as though I was dissolving — I should be exquisitely miserable without the hope of soon seeing you. [...] I have been astonished that Men could die Martyrs for religion — I have shudder'd at it — I shudder no more — I could be martyr'd for my Religion — Love is my religion — I could die for that — I could die for you. (Letter, 13 October 1819).

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Marie Antoinette (not kirstent drunks :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Homemade Bean soup <3

Sorry for this shitty picture, Ben and I ate all the yummy avocado and cilantro :(

This recipe has been pass down from generations in my family, all the women in my family know it, and we teach it to people we like. So, here it goes. You will need:

1 cup of beans (pinto or red)
2 carrots
5 cups of water
2 Bouillon cubes (chicken flavor) ( if you are vegan Edward and Sons makes one)
1 big tomato
1 white onion
sea salt
garlic salt
Cilantro (optional)

So first you HAVE to let the beans soak from one day to the next, at least 18 hours . Or else they are like rocks, and take waaay to long to cook. Make sure you wash them before you put them to soak in 5 cups of water.

Put beans in a big pot with a cover, throw in whole peeled carrots, Bouillon cubes, salt, pepper, cumin, garlic salt to your taste. Let it simmer until carrots are soft. Take both carrots and a little bit of the bean soup broth and put it in the blender until its puree. Then put it back in the pot.

Take the onion, the chives (one or two pieces) and tomato, mince them. In a saucepan heat olive oil (or whatever oil you use) add the onion and chives first, throw in the tomato add salt and pepper. Sautee for 10 minutes, until it turns a little golden. Add this to the beans.

Then let the beans simmer for another 30 minutes in Low, try them out see if the flavor is good.

Serve over rice with avocado and garnish with cilantro...YUUUUUMMMYYYY!!!!!

Remember Bon Appetite!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


What would I ever do with out my creatures. I love my little dogs so much, when I moved to Philly from Florida I was a bit upset. I missed my friends, I miss being out and about all the time, miss my health food shops and get it. I found myself super sad at my house, cold all the time, miserable. But my pupperonis where always there to make me laugh and attack me with kisses all the time. I am so glad they are in my life. I'm sure all of you have your creatures that you can't live with out, I don't care if its a cat, parrot, whale, you know how amazing animals are. They fill our souls up with love.